If your business involves cars and trucks in any way, you are well aware of grit traps and oil/water separators. Whether you're operating car or truck washes, repair service bays or both, you most likely have traps underneath your facility catching all of the suspended solids such as paint, engine grease, motor oil, and more. When your trap(s) become full, you need to call for a vacuum truck and waste disposal service. Otherwise, you risk wastewater overflowing into your facility, polluting the water supply in the public sewer system, or both.

Overflows are costly to clean up. Pollutions of our sewer system place everyone at risk from a health standpoint. Strict environmental regulations impose stiff fines on polluters. Anyway you look at it, it is best for everyone to have grit traps pumped clean of waste on a regular basis by an experienced liquid waste management company.

We can remove oil, grease, sand, dirt, and more from your car wash, auto or truck service facility, parking lot, or ANY OTHER PAVED SURFACE WHERE THERE IS WASTEWATER AND STORMWATER RUNOFF.